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    Wave Technology

    802.11ac (Wave 1 / Wave 2)

    Upgrade your WiFi performance

    Every access point is built using the latest 802.11ac standard, with options to leverage Wave 1 and Wave 2 chipsets depending on your needs. 802.11ac is built upon the 5GHz spectrum and boosts performance through a combination of wider channels, more spatial streams and improved modulation techniques.

    • All Wave 1 access points support full feature functionality using standard PoE (802.3af) so costly network upgrades can be avoided
    • 802.11ac Wave 2 access points support up to 160 MHz bonded channels for unprecedented speed and throughput
    • 802.11ac introduces multi-user MIMO to greatly enhance capacity and alleviate excess strain from oversaturated networks 
    High Tech WiFi

    Intelligent Access Points

    Reliable WiFi connectivity

    Access points are intelligent and self-reliant, meaning they store all network and security policies locally and process client requests, monitor wireless connections and store network statistics at the edge. They deliver reliable, high performing networks that are feature rich without the need for a controller.

    • Our access points are 100% operational even when the cloud connection is interrupted so your networks never suffer due to WAN outages
    • Local storage of configurations and security policies allow access points to respond much faster to improve network performance and neutralize wireless threats
    • See your network costs drop over 50% when controllers and their resource requirements are completely removed

    To learn more about which access point is right for you check out Specifications

    Planning Report

    RF Optimization

    WiFi air security and performance

    RF optimization is the key to a successful WiFi network; wireless scans and data processing combine to dynamically adjust WiFi operations to ensure the network and everyone on it are performing optimally.

    • Radio management techniques like Band Steering help the access point decide which radio is best based on usage and capacity
    • Channel management techniques like Automatic and Dynamic Channel Selection empower the access point decide which channel is best based on continuous background scanning and spectrum analysis
    • Client management techniques like Smart Steering overtake the sometimes clunky decision-making process of clients so they stay connected to the optimal access point

    RF optimization strategies and parameters are configured within Wireless Manager while Access Points execute them whenever interference conditions arise.



    Self-healing WiFi networks

    Wireless mesh networks, unlike standard WiFi networks, do not require a 1-to-1 ratio of Ethernet drops to access points; instead access points use one of their radios to connect to each other, creating a wireless backhaul that ultimately leads to an access point with a wired connection. This offers an easy way to extend network coverage when wiring is difficult to lay or completely nonexistent. All of our access points supports mesh no matter what combination of models you use.

    • Any access point within a mesh network can be labeled as a mesh root with a single click from the cloud for quick expansion
    • Access points automatically determine the best path to a mesh root for optimal performance
    • Mesh networks self-heal and dynamically alter their backhaul route whenever an access point is unreachable or interference conditions pop up.

    To deploy a mesh network simply create a mesh profile in Wireless Manager and apply it to any group of Access Points.


    Marker Packets

    High fidelity WiFi security

    Marker Packets are a key component to the patented techniques we use for wireless intrusion detection. Their presence leads to an accurate determination as to whether or not a nearby SSID is actually tethered to your corporate network. This ultimately provides the solid foundation needed for real-time threat prevention due to the high degree of accuracy inherent to this technique.

    • Our access points send out regular bursts of broadcast ARP packets across each layer-2 network they monitor
    • Other access points on that same network will inherently relay those packets into the air, confirming their presence on the network through this behavior
    • This proprietary technique minimizes false positives and encourages the use of automatic prevention to keep networks safe

    To learn more about Marker Packets fit into our complete security platform contact us

    Guest Networks

    Hotspot 2.0

    Universal WiFi access

    1. Hotspot 2.0, also known as WiFi Certified Passpoint, is the latest standard used by carriers around the world to allow wireless clients to seamlessly roam between public hotspots when they are in range. This is a pivotal piece to the larger strategy of providing reliable, high-speed access to data no matter where you are.
    • Automatic and secure handoffs allows individual hotspots to act as a single contiguous WiFi network for users to enjoy
    • Our Cloud Managed Platform lets you create a single policy for hundreds of thousands of access points to use simultaneously
    • New access points install quickly and connect to the cloud, bringing down key configurations automatically and without excessive support requirements
    • Wireless Manager makes the development and deployment of your Hotspot 2.0 network policy easy, and can scales it to every Access Point across your entire coverage area no matter what model you choose. 
    Analytics and engagement

    Social WiFi

    Personalized login

    Social WiFi is the concept behind integrating social media into Guest WiFi. These networks support methods of simultaneously connecting users to WiFi, specialty programs and social media platforms, enabling them to share information about themselves, Like or Follow your brand instantly and further their relationship with you.

    • Leverage open authentication apps to connect users through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram or Foursquare
    • Allow guests to share data and offer them an opportunity to Like or Follow your brand to receive messages and content on the social media platforms directly
    • Learn more about your guests to create a more personalized experience that extends beyond the physical visit to your location

    Guest Manager provides you with all the features you need to support your Social WiFi networks, while Canvas helps you design beautiful and modern splash pages with which your guests interact.


    WiFi Analytics

    Actionable insights

    WiFi Analytics is a general term that applies to the massive amounts of data collected via passive scans, active scans and user connections in and around your WiFi networks. It analyzes and conceptualizes this data to provide insight into traffic patterns, behavior and demographics of your WiFi users.

    • Conceptualize data in easy-to-understand buckets like Dwell Time, Foot Traffic, Conversion, Repeat Visits and more
    • Break down data into useful demographic groups like gender, age and location
    • Quickly view analytics at all levels, from the very top level to the most granular view, across time segments and location groups

    Guest Manager is the central repository for the collection, analysis and visualization of all WiFi analytics. Through it and API you can automatically send incoming analytics data to third party databases or marketing systems in real-time for further analysis.

    Brand Building

    Mobile Engagement

    Communicate with mobile users over WiFi

    Mobile engagement refers to the many techniques you can use to communicate with your guests once they've connected to your WiFi network. This allows you to extend your engagement strategies past the splash page and provide an even richer online experience for your guests that informs them with relevant details precisely when they want it most.

    • Send real-time alerts to your third party systems when your guests arrive and when they connect to your network
    • Set up messages that trigger based on user interaction or length of time
    • Leverage MMS, SMS and in-browser messaging to communicate in a variety of ways

    Guest Manager is the key service used for all guest network capabilities and Canvas is where messages, delivery schedules and triggers are created.


    BYOD Support

    Authorize mobile users

    Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) is a challenge for all organizations that requires proper planning and strong technical controls. These controls exist throughout the entire security stack, and Storm leverages its industry-leading WIPS to help at the front line by enforcing limited access of personal devices to specially defined networks.

    • Devices are monitored and automatically stopped from connecting to the networks they are not authorized to use
    • Device fingerprinting provides a deep understanding of the makeup of each device on your network, helping to uncover policy infractions quickly
    • Prevent any smart device from connecting to your network even if it has the correct password unless it is properly flagged

    BYOD support is one part of the overall detection and prevention capabilities of WIPS



    Plug-and-play WiFi

    Our access points make installations simple and streamlined due to their innate ability to automatically find the cloud and their proper configuration without any intermediary steps.

    • Access points are automatically provisioned upon purchase so you don’t have to
    • Access points find the cloud redirector automatically, which points them directly to your cloud account anywhere in the world
    • Configuration takes less than two minutes and begins immediately after the device connects to the network

    Zero-touch deployments make rapid, easy deployments of Access Points possible by leveraging Wireless Manager for policy and template distribution.

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