• Retail

    Meet Your Customer at the Intersection of Physical and Digital

    Beautiful Splash Page Design

    With Mojo Canvas, you can create custom splash pages that offer direct customer engagement opportunities. Our web-based designer lets you promote your brand without any web skills required.

    Simple Policy Deployments

    We make it easy to distribute single policies across thousands of access points simultaneously and deploy in a fraction of the time with Mojo Wireless Manager.

    WiFi Analytics

    Mojo Guest Manager visualizes massive amounts of data to give you deep insights and business intelligence into high traffic areas, repeat visits and more.

    Compliance and Security

    Identify, locate, and shut down threats to your network automatically with Mojo AirTight. Easily comply with PCI DSS standards and keep your networks secure.

    Detailed Network Statistics

    With Mojo Navigator, you’ll know exactly what is happening at every level of your network. See connections, network threats and performance dips with ease.

    Highly Automated

    The cloud makes every click worth more by automating activities like policy propagation, access point configuration and system updates.

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