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    The Next Generation of WiFi Lives in the Cloud

    High-Performance 802.11ac WiFi

    Easily handle bandwidth-intensive applications across every device in your environment with the latest in WiFi technology.

    Quality-of-Service Controls

    Have complete control over the performance and usage of your wireless network with QoS and RF optimization capabilities.

    Highly Automated

    The cloud makes every click worth more by automating activities like policy propagation, access point configuration and system updates.

    Flexible Access Management

    Mojo One, our single sign-on service, provides you with a flexible and extensible profile-based system for granting and controlling user and API access.

    Detailed Network Statistics

    With Mojo Navigator, you’ll know exactly what is happening at every level of your network. See connections, network threats and performance dips with ease.

    Visual Troubleshooting Tools

    We make it easier than ever to analyze WiFi issues with Mojo Packets, so you can identify and solve problems fast to keep your networks at optimal performance.

  • Free Eval

    Free planning report for your next WiFi deployment

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