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    The impact of secure WiFi in a education infrastructure

    Network access and policy control is very important when it comes to education our kids. In every network, access should be monitored, filtered and have complete policy enforcement.

    Our WiFi access points gives educational institutions the ability to provide safe, secure and highly reliable WiFi and have a WIPS sensor monitoring the network and preventing rogue access.

    We classify access and monitor all data and communications. The network is completely locked down with top of the line, Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems.

    What is AP and Client Classification?

    The system automatically classifies WiFi's or SSIDs and client devices in and around your network as either authorized, external, guest, or rogue.

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    The Classroom of Tomorrow Needs Cloud Managed WiFi Today

    Simple Policy Deployments

    We make it easy to distribute single policies across thousands of access points simultaneously and deploy in a fraction of the time with Mojo Wireless Manager.

    Make Changes Quickly, Anywhere

    Change your network configurations and check the health of your network from your laptop or your phone, no matter where you are.

    Wireless Threat Monitoring

    Identify, locate, and shut down threats to your network automatically with Mojo AirTight. Keep your students safe and your networks compliant.

    Intelligent Access Points

    Mojo access points process all wireless activities at the edge, without the need of a controller. That means your networks are more reliable than ever before.

    Network Visibility

    Understand the health of your network at any level fast. Pull high level and granular details to see exactly what is happening on your network at any time.

    Visual Troubleshooting Tools

    We make it easier than ever to analyze WiFi issues with Mojo Packets, so you can identify and solve problems fast to keep your networks at optimal performance.

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