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The Internet of Things is vastly expanding to all industries thereby enabling user functionality, intuitiveness and ease of access.

Imagine having 3 (or 25) buildings that require WiFi connectivity- who do you call? Your local IT company? Maybe ...But what we have here is true and realistic supreme High-Tech.
Imagine being in Beijing, China, and logging into a portal with your username and passcode. Ok, not so mind boggling-- but wait there's more. As soon as you log in, you are set with an intuitive management consoles that displays EVERYTHING that is happening in your airspace. You see, our devices plug into the network and provide instant access. No controller needed, no expensive data centers. Just a simple modem.
WIPS- or Wireless Intrusion Prevention System ...automatically scans and monitors your airspace for every single wireless device and every single WiFi access point. And as soon as you log in to the cloud, all that information is displayed in the management console. So, details like MAC address, device type, security status, up and down time, start time etc. and much much more. So figure there is a unknown apple device in your building. The system can be set to automatically send an email, or text to whoever is managing the system. So you get an email, seconds later you log in and track the exact location based on floor plans that we previously have uploaded and configured in the system.
So now you know the location, and you can take action. With a click of a button, WIPS can automatically implement "quarantine" for that selected device. Meaning, in no way, shape or form will that device be able to connect to ANY WiFi while in your building or campus. And the system is so smart that it can set hundreds of rules and policies that are automatically enforced by WIPS. This is just one of the outstanding features of Cloud-Managed WiFi system. 
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. - Leonardo da Vinci
Written by: Keith Frid @keithfrid
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