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K-12 Schools and WiFi

E-Rate, government programs, all help bring high-tech WiFi into the classroom.

The Classroom of Tomorrow Needs Cloud Managed WiFi Today

Fast, infinitely scalable, secure WiFi for your school, college, or university campus without expensive IT support costs. It is essential to give students the reliable WiFi experience they expect and support modern digital learning initiatives with ease. The cloud managed platform is simple to deploy, keeps students and faculty safe from threats and significantly reduces WiFi deployment and maintenance costs.

Controllers, controllers, controllers... now that's a rough word. How about this: Instead of controllers, control the WiFi and its use. Eliminate controller based WiFi systems and deploy true plug and play WiFi with a template based configuration setup. 
So what are controllers? Controllers are on-site servers which all the routers and switches plug in to. They are costly and expensive, and any time something goes wrong, or a change needs to be made, it requires on site maintenance and configuration. As you can kinda see, once you eliminate on-site config and support, you're eliminating more than the IT costs. You are eliminating the expensive switches, servers and all else that is needed to make the controller based system work. 
What is the solution? 
Controller-less, cloud managed WiFi.
E.G. Imagine a system that's installed on the ceiling. You have a mid-sized building so it requires 10-20 devices to cover the building. So the installer comes, wires up the devices and connects all those devices to the modem... as simply as connecting your computer or printer. Instantly, all 20 devices are online and able to be configured; either as access points, or as WIPS (wireless intrusion prevention system) sensors; or do both simultaneously. 
Now that's a solution!
Classrooms are getting more intuitive and technologically advanced. Databases are moving into the cloud, many teachers have an online attendance and grading systems, and connectivity is becoming more prevalent every day. Many school systems have WiFi. The question is how they are using their WiFi without compromising the integrity of their network, and risks of young students on the internet without foresight. 
How can a IT guy or administer effectively manage all devices and access in his building? Does he need one WiFi solution, one content filtering solution (or one for every computer), one server managing all of the above referenced technologies. And what about protecting the schools data and enforcing privacy, scheduling and quality of service rules?
School systems are turning towards high tech management systems that completely control the wireless infrastructure. Companies such as Cisco, Meraki, Aruba, SonicWall, Aerohive all have fantastic systems that are useful in an enterprise or campus type setting. Some of the issues with Cisco is that it doesn't do away entirely with its controller-based mindset. When a client needs to scale a Cisco infrastructure it is often costly and expensive. Meraki has some controller-less functionality, but its lacking in many other areas. 
A system is needed that is completely plug and play and loaded with features and user functionality and compliance. A emerging solution is Mojo Networks. Mojo, formerly Airtight Networks, is a 100% enterprise grade cloud WiFi centric platform.
After testing numerous systems, I have been sold on Mojo's fantastic solution. Here's Mojo's mindset: Hey, you need your system to massively scalable? No problem. Our systems are true plug and play devices. Our completely cloud based portal can handle up to 30,000 devices (AP's) in buildings all around the world. All locations are set up in a gorgeous location and floor base hierarchy format. Each AP can handle up to 2,000 client devices as well. We use a template based configuration scheme thereby enabling for settings to be device and location specific. All WiFi solutions are not made equal, and that's proven by Mojo's incorporating of almost every conceivable feature into their WiFi system:
  • Multiple SSIDs? Check
  • Multiple Rules per SSIDs? Check
  • Accurate location tracking? Check
  • Enterprise grade firewall? Check
  • Wireless Intrusion Prevention to prevent unauthorized AP's and devices? Check?
  • Content Filtering? Check
  • BYOD controls? Check
  • Quality of service controls? Check
  • Traffic shaping controls with priority levels for VoIP, Video etc? Check
  • Captive Portal and social WiFi splash pages? Check
  • Brand building and engagement analytics? Check
  • Presence analytics? Check
  • And hundreds of configurable rules and policies and more features? Check
The case can be made for the competition- by the competitors themselves- But I think we have a clear winner here in terms of Cloud WiFi and features along with massive scalability and ease of access. 
Oh and did I mention it has compliance reporting built in? (PCI, DoD. HIPPA, SOXX etc.)
Controller-less is the function of the 21st century, and in turn, the future - Keith 
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