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Focusing on brandbuilding, driving foot traffic into a retail store, all by using WiFi -- a IoT initiative. πŸŽŠπŸ“²

...IoT (Internet of Things) is rapidly expanding to include EveryThing.. See what I did there?

You have a retail store or restaurant, let's say it's Margorites pizza store. Your located in a shopping outlet with decent foot traffic, mainly because of the anchor lessees, such as the Walmart or the ShopRite located just hundreds of feet away.
The key for your success is driving the foot traffic into your pizza shop for a couple slices of pizza. Simple right?
Hold on. Just a one time stop in your store to grab a bite will not make your business successful. The following are a couple of elements that we will be discussing.
Most importantly:
  1. Your food needs to be good!Β 1a) Have amazing customer service and limited wait time!
  2. You need to find a way to turn those one time shoppers into loyal customers who will keep coming back and bring their friends.
  3. You need to find a way to get the foot traffic into your store! (Hint: Storefront Ads).
  4. You need social media presence.
  5. You need features besides food (Hint: WiFi!)
There's many more elements but let's start by breaking these five down.
There's a solution to elements 2-5. It's called High-Tech WiFi.
Install WiFi systems that are so advanced they can analyze the foot traffic to give you valuable information and brand building. Are your storefront ads working? What's the conversion factors for people who are walking outside and then coming inside because of your storefront ads?? This system knows the info cold.
Ok so let say you put up a new ad and there's a 10% increase in foot traffic. First, you know your ad is working and you can create more like it. Second, now you need to find a way to turn those customers into loyalists. How? Advertise free WiFi and encourage your customers to connect to free and open WiFi that you wholeheartedly provide. The catch? In order for a customer to access the Internet, they need to like your Facebook page! Or follow Margarites Pizza Shop on Twitter, or LinkedIn, or Google Plus, or fill out a web form!
We call it a custom branded captive portal- which displays anything you want.
As you can see, the second a customer signs in with social media, you just acquired much information.. Such as: Name, Gender, Age, Email, Phone, Location, etc. Plus, you now have a valuable like on your Facebook page! A customer who has actually tasted your food and is way more willing to promote your brand for you!
And there's more: the system can track every single device and WiFi that's outside or inside the store.. Info such as; dwell time/by hour/day/location. Distribution of foot traffic by time, day. New vs Repeat visitors- presence analyitcs, data usage analytics, WiFi scheduling, multiple WiFis with hundreds of different rules and policies including BYOD policy enforcement, QoS, WIPS (Wireless Intrusion Prevention System) data allotments, down time, client analytics, etc.
It's all cloud managed and simple and intuitive to use.
Did I miss anything?
Keith Frid
@keithfrid @stormsystemsllc
Keith is the COO & Co-Founder of Storm Systems LLC. You can follow him here:Β @keithfrid
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